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This is prbably one of the oldest questions ever asked, and it demands an answer!
Believing in a Supreme Being and yet never truly knowing who such a being is
seems as futile as believing in happiness and never wishing to experience it.
ver wishing to experience it

Where do we find the answer?
Some say that there is no answer because there is no God. Others say there may be a God but it is Impossible for us to know him, so again the question cannot be answered. But most people believe that there is a God, a Supreme Being of some sort. Their problem is that although they accept that God exists, they know nothing about him. So who is he? What is he like? How can we know him? Sadly, the answers people give reveal more about themselves than they do about God. Asked what he thought God was like, a famous sportsman replied,An old man with a beard sitting on a cloud. In voidng this opinion, he was reflecting the views of many people.


What has God said about himself?
It is no use asking others for answers to these questions. They, too, are just as likely to be confused. You must look instead at what God has told us about himself. Where can you find this information? The answer is in the Bible. There, God has provided answers for anyone who seriously wants to know him. They may not be the answers you expect, but they are Gods answers, which is why the Bible often refers to itself as theWord of God. There we find that God is gloriously and wonderfully unique' There never was a time when God did not exist? for he created time and space and
everything in them. If there had been no God, there would have been no universe, no world.


God is not like anyone or anything else
The Bible warns us against making up our own ideas about God. Speaking through the prophets, God declares, "To whom will you compare me? or who is my equal? You thought l was altogether like you, but my ways
[are] higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts".
The Bible shows us a God who is unique, unchanging and ever-present The greatest thing it tells us about God is that he is holy. Because he is holy he will not, and cannot, tolerate any sin in us. That, as we shall see, creates an immense problem for each one of us.


What is Man ?

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