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Questions Questions Questions....

Life can be very confusing. You have to make decisions and sometimes feel unqualified to do so. You wouldnt set out on a journey without knowing where you were going or how to get there. You would find a map. You would ask for directions. You must know the way. You have opened this book to find yourway to God. But which way is the right way? Lack of information, conflicting advice, and plain ignorance, can leave you bewildered in the face of the choices available


So many Religions 

Most religions claim to point people to God. Therefore we must take care when searching for God and considering the source of life and its purpose. There are so many religions and so many different teachings about God that this is no simple task.
Some think it is easy. They say it is just like choosing goods from a supermarket shelf. 'You have all these brands to choose from', they say, 'so just take the one that suits you! After all, they are all much the same, arent they? I like Jesus, you like Allah, someone else likes Buddha - it doesnt really make any difference' But are they right?


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Do all religions lead to God ?

Most people think that they do, but that would mean that religious teachings that completely contradict each other are all true. This clearly cannot be so! We would never accept such a thing in any other area of life, so why accept it when it comes to the question of God?

So which one is right ?

So which one is right? Let us ask four basic questions:

Who is God?
What is Man?
What is Sin?
Who is Jesus Christ?

These questions are not merely a matter of debate or curiosity. They are essential in understanding what life is all about. You will find answers to these questions as you read on.

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